For many people, plumbing conjures up images of dirty, dangerous work. However, most people don’t know that plumbing can be a lucrative and rewarding career that often comes with the benefit of a union. 

How to Get into a Plumbers’ Union

Plumbing and pipefitting are two distinct trades in the construction industry. Without a well-functioning piping system, a clean water supply and proper wastewater disposal would be impossible. 

What Is the Difference Between Plumbers and Pipefitters?

There are many career paths for us to choose from, some of which might not be quite popular. If you enjoy solving problems and working with your hands, then read on, as pipefitting might be your career. 

How to Become a Pipefitter

There are many tools that plumbers use daily. So, if you’re planning to become a plumber or open your own business, being familiar with these tools is crucial. We’ve got you covered: in this article, we’ll discuss the tools used by plumbers in detail.

What Tools Do Plumbers Need?