A lot of work goes into planning before walking onto a construction site. That includes project management, blueprints, customer meetings, among other things. Unfortunately, severe weather events like lightning storms, heavy rains, and strong winds can cost builders a fortune due to lack of preparedness.

Insight into Planning Construction Projects Around Severe Weather

Choosing the right time to replace an obsolete piece of construction equipment is important. Learn what to look for to determine if it is time to upgrade construction equipment.

When Should You Upgrade Your Construction Equipment?

There are many risks associated with construction, including workers who fall from scaffolding, people working at heights, and of course the dangers of faulty or defective equipment. Find out more.

Common Construction Risks and How Contractors Can Avoid Them

Safety has been a high priority in the construction industry for decades. Accidents can happen anywhere. Contractors and construction workers must always be alert for safety hazards.

8 Work Site Safety Tips for Contractors and Construction Workers