Top Residential General Contractors in Milwaukee

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Here at Construction Fanatics, we pride ourselves on appreciating all those in the construction industry. 

We recognize those who have made it their life’s work to set up conducive and amazing spaces and buildings for businesses and individuals to thrive.

As a Milwaukee resident, you may want to renovate your home or build it from scratch. Obviously, this is not a task you can take up alone. 

The chances are that you don’t have the technical know-how. Even if you did, you would still need a contractor to pull the job off. Hiring a good contractor comes with a lot of benefits

However, sourcing the best residential general contractors in Milwaukee may be a difficult task. You will have to go through tons of companies to find the perfect one.

But not to worry, we have gone ahead to source the top residential general contractors in Milwaukee. We carefully selected them based on their reviews and achievements. 

Here are the top eleven residential general contractors in Milwaukee:

Cream City Construction

Ratings: 5.0 stars + 23 reviews on Houzz.

A black box with white text reading "Cream City Construction."

Cream City Construction is one of the top residential general contractors in Milwaukee. Jim Grote and Todd Badovski own the construction company. 

It has been in existence for over fifty years. The cream city construction company specializes in home remodeling. From bathrooms to kitchens, toilets, etc. 

The company also offers free consultation services as well.

They have two affiliations with NARI, and they have been featured in the Garage Chic, a Milwaukee Journal article. 

Also, they have won multiple awards. They have won nine Houzz awards and the best adaptive reuse award, which the Milwaukee Historic Preservation Commission awarded.

Phone number: 414-774-7870

Contact: Inquiry form 

Allrite Home and Remodeling

Ratings: 4.5 stars + 47 reviews on Google.

SE Insulation's red house-shaped logo with blue letters reading "Allrite Home & Remodeling" as well as "Family-Owned Since 1969."

Allrite Home and Remodeling are a family-owned construction company that has existed since 1969. The company specializes in exterior remodeling and insulation.

This award-winning company deserves to be on the list of top residential general contractors in Milwaukee. 

The company has received up to twenty-three awards from various prestigious organizations like NARI. 

In addition, they have six affiliates and over fifteen certifications to back up their expertise and craftsmanship. 

Allrite Home and Remodeling are also big on giving back. They achieve this by being involved in community organizations.

Phone Number: 414-353-6910

Contact: Inquiry form 

LaBonte Construction

Ratings: 5.0 Stars + 47 reviews on Houzz.

Two blue boxes with white text reading "LaBonte Construction" and their logo.

LaBonte Construction was founded in 2006 by Journeyman Carpenter. The company offers general construction services.

It prides itself on hiring the best professionals and using the best materials rather than advertising. Their job cost is estimated to be between $40,000- $3 million. 

LaBonte Construction company has won multiple awards. Between 2014 and 2021, the company has won about 40 awards from trusted platforms like Angie’s List and Shepherd Express.

Phone Number: 414-339-6638

Contact: Inquiry form 

Back To Basics Builders

Ratings: 4.9 stars + 170 reviews on Google.

Back To Basics Builders' logo with a small red house and a clockwise green arrow surrounding it.

Back To Basics Builders is a remodeling company owned by Joe and Sarah Burbey. They specialize in remodeling basements, bathrooms and kitchens.

Their remodeling journey began when they remodeled a personal property they bought in 2011. Due to the excellence of their work, they got the attention of people. In no time, they began getting invitations from people who needed remodeling services.

Although this company is young when compared to its counterparts, it has one of the highest number of reviews with the highest ratings on Google. Also, they won the Regional Coty Award Project in 2021. 

They claim that their price is 15% lower than that of their competitors, and they have over thirty testimonials on their website.

Phone Number: 414-460-0075

Contact: Inquiry form 

Empire Home Remodeling

Ratings: 4.7 stars + 102 reviews on Google.

Empire Home Remodeling's logo with a blue rooftop above its name.

Since its establishment in 2006,  Empire Home Remodeling has been a contractor for home renovations and home improvements. 

Since 2006, they have made thousands of home improvements and renovations.

They offer services that include window and door replacement, remodeling of baths and showers, and roof replacement and repair.

They offer free design consultations, industry-leading warranties, and flexible financing with attractive terms.

Phone Number: 414-897-7272

Contact: Inquiry form 

Brillo Home Improvement

Ratings: 4.2 stars + 10 reviews on Google.

Brillo Home Improvement's logo in gray text with "1977" below.

Brillo Home Improvement is a construction company that has been running since 1977. It was founded by Mike, Bob, and Guy. Initially, it was a small roofing company, but subsequently, it has grown.

The company is a full-service residential and commercial remodeling firm. It specializes in general home improvement– kitchen and bathroom remodeling, space planning and design, lower level replacement, etc.

Brillo home and Improvement has the right team to make your dream home a reality. 

Over the years, they have won multiple awards like; Crystal Cabinet Design Awards, NARI Wisconsin Remodelers Awards, and M Magazine’s Reader’s Choice Award.

Phone number: 414-442-2230

Contact: Inquiry form 

JK Contractors

Ratings: 4.5 stars + 75 reviews on Google.

JK Contractors' logo in red text with a black rooftop above it.

Jeff Kurz founded the JK construction company 

Since 1979, it has grown based on referrals from satisfied customers.

The company specializes in exterior home improvement, and they work all year round, throughout every season. Also, they offer services like snow removal and emergency repair.

The company has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Also, JK Construction is a member of the Milwaukee/NARI Home Improvement Council.

Phone number: 414-333-5991

Contact: Inquiry form 

TK Mason

Ratings: 4.8 stars + 53 reviews on Google.

TK Mason LLC Masonry Repair & Stonework's logo with a small stone column beside a red "TK."

TK Mason is a construction company that specializes in masonry repair and stonework. Their services include chimney repair, cement repair, and brick and block repair.

They also work with brick, cement, and stone for new constructions. They also build retaining walls and install decorative interior stones.

BBB accredits TK Mason construction company with an A+ rating. They are also featured on Houzz and have been reviewed by Angie’s list.

Phone number: 414-534-8544

Contact: Inquiry form 

A Teska Construction

Ratings: 4.8 stars + 16 reviews on Google.

A Teska Construction's logo in red text with a black "A" overlapping it.

A Teska Construction company has been in the trade since 1984. They aim to make renovation and repair as seamless as possible. 

Some services they offer are basement remodeling, bathroom additions, garage construction and renovation, home additions, and kitchen remodeling.

The company is fully licensed and insured, and BBB accredits them.

Phone Number: 414-301-7711

Contact: Inquiry form 


Ratings: 4.5 stars + 11 reviews on Google. 

A large red S with Sazama's logo in black text overlapping it. Three bullet points rest below reading "DESIGN," "BUILD," and "REMODEL."

Sazama is a construction company founded in 1985. They have been in business for thirty years. The company actively communicates with its customers to deliver the best services.

They’ll help you out with your decision-making process as well as formulate a budget that suits you.

Phone Number: 414-258-1400

Contact: Inquiry form 

XL Property and Consulting

Ratings: 4.8 stars + 21 reviews on Google.

XL Property & Contracting LLC's logo with a large blue "XL" and a gray house outlining it.

XL Property and Consulting is a general construction and property management company with over 20 years of construction experience. In addition to construction, the company also offers house cleaning services. 

They specialize in remodeling, home flipping services, roofing, cleaning services, and sliding. Also, you can get a free quote from them for their services.

Phone Number: 414-441-2777

Contact: Inquiry form


Home construction, renovation, and remodeling are a big deal. You don’t want just any quack contractor handling your building.

Home construction is expensive, and the last thing you want is to spend so much on low-quality service.

From the numerous residential general contractors in Milwaukee, we compiled the above list for you to pick from.

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