9 Best Drywall Estimating Software in 2022

Drywall contractors must first win the bid before commencing a project. To win the bid, they create a construction takeoff to help them estimate the project’s costs.

Bidding is a competitive process, so each contractor must up their game and present accurate yet competitive estimates to win. Traditionally, takeoffs were performed manually using pencils, calculators, rulers and printed plans. 

The process was time-intensive, often taking more than two days per project. It could also have critical errors which could force contractors to repeat all the steps or lose money.

Technology has taken the load off contractors’ shoulders and enables them to give fast and accurate estimates. They can now bid more often and win more jobs at short intervals. Some software help contractors create winning bids and price accurately.

This article will give you comprehensive info about the best software for your drywall estimating needs. 

Criteria/Selection Guide

The various drywall estimation software options are created differently. Some may specialize in one specific aspect of the takeoff process, while others may offer an all-around estimating functionality.

The software had to meet the following specific criteria to be considered for this list:

  • Point and click functionality
  • Integration with other platforms like Excel, QuickBooks, etc.
  • Customer support
  • Trade-specific databases

Based on these criteria, here are the best ones we found.


Stack is a cloud-based construction estimating and takeoff software for contractors of all business sizes in various trades.


  • Cloud-based quantity and material takeoff – you can access it online wherever you are and on various devices for fast, accurate measurements and counts
  • Real-time collaboration and connectivity – teams can work together from various locations and communicate timeously to ensure no deadlines are missed 
  • Comprehensive cost estimating and proposals – advanced preconstruction tools help you make accurate estimates and timely responses to bid requests You can also quickly create customized proposals, placing you ahead of the competition
  • Document management – securely store your documents, project plans, etc. in a single, central hub to stay organized and make sorting fast.


Stack is best for general contractors, home builders, trade subcontractors, suppliers and manufacturers.


Stack outperforms other cloud-based estimation software. It is set apart by an all-in-one preconstruction solution, a modern easy-to-use platform, dedicated support teams and weekly product updates.


Stack has four subscription options. The Free option allows you two concurrent projects each accessible for seven days. The starter option at $1,999 per year, allows unlimited projects for one full-access user and two view-only users.

The Grow option, $4,999 per year, allows unlimited projects for three full-access users and six view-only users. The build option is for more than four full-access users and more than seven view-only users working on unlimited projects.

A screenshot of Stack's website with a section titled "The Best Takeoff & Estimating Software For Drywall Contractors" with imagery of a person in a yellow hard hat.


Planswift is an estimation software that is easily customizable for commercial or residential construction.


  • Top-rated customer support
  • Automatic material and labor calculation for an accurate estimate each time
  • Point and click for all your measurements – walls, ceilings and partitions
  • Area and linear tools calculate surface areas and square footage instantly
  • Cheap and effective


It is best for general contractors, subcontractors and estimators.


Planswift is an affordable and effective software that meets general contractors’ and tradesmen’s needs.


Planswift requires a one-time fee of $1,595 to download and gives you unlimited use. You can pay a one-time $300 to purchase multi-hour training sessions. 

Software updates and support programs are optional and cost $300 per year. The software also offers a 14-day free trial for users to test it out without commitment.  

A screenshot of Planswift's software with menus on the right and left and a dark blue blueprint in the middle.

Estimating Edge

Estimating Edge is an all-in-one drywall takeoff and estimating software designed for commercial drywall subcontractors.


  • Cloud-based – your estimates and data are safely and securely stored in the cloud, allowing you and your team to work together even when you are some distance apart
  • Analytics and reporting – analytics and reporting are available to help you make informed decisions
  • Trade-specific – the software is customized to your trade. It also uses the language, manufacturers, and measurements you often use in your business  
  • Best customer service – you get excellent customer service from trade-experienced staff 
  • Industry-leading features – Edge is the only software offering top-notch features like Smart Labor and an automatic update option for the entire project at a mouse’s click
  • One-on-one training – the software is intuitive, but technical training and support are offered to help your business get the most out of it


Estimating Edge is best for drywall subcontractors and estimators.


Estimating Edge is a fully integrated drywall and estimating software to help you quickly and accurately price commercial drywall ceiling and wall projects you want to bid on. 


Estimating Edge is the industry’s best takeoff and estimating software that gives you a competitive edge. Your estimates are faster and better. 

A screenshot and tablet displaying the Estimating Edge software with a blueprint and toolbar on the left.


OnCenter drywall estimating software is suitable for both commercial and residential construction.


  • On-screen takeoff – measure walls (drywall and ACT ceilings) and calculate takeoff with a few clicks
  • Quick-bid – you can easily get material lists for drywall, ceiling, tape, and other materials
  • Digital production control –track labor efficiency as well as the percentage of completed work. Know the actual amount of drywall your crews can install per day/hour and make accurate estimates


OnCenter is best for general contractors and subcontractors.


OnCenter helps you reduce costs, save time, and improve your estimating accuracy.


The price depends on the number of users and the additional features you purchase. The software comes with a 14-day free trial for you to test the on-screen takeoff. 

A desktop computer displaying OnCenter's estimating software with a blueprint.


Jobber is a drywall estimating software for residential construction.


  • Jobber’s drywall bidding software allows you to create, send, and track estimates from a single platform and duplicate them with a few clicks
  • Optional add-ons, packages, and images to help you create customized quotes
  • Customers can easily approve your quotes online
  • Monthly financing options are available for your customers


Jobber is best for drywall businesses, general contractors, and handyman businesses.


Jobber keeps you ahead of the competition with easy estimates and customer impressions.


Jobber has three subscription options billed annually and a free trial. The Core option costs $34 per month for one user. The Connect option $104 per month supports up to seven users. The Grow option $208 per month is for up to 30 users.

A screenshot of Jobber's software estimating a "new quote" for a service call.

Square Takeoff 

Square Takeoff is a drywall estimating software for both commercial and residential construction.


  • Accessible on any device with a web browser
  • Cloud-based – teams can collaborate in real-time while in various locations
  • Easy takeoff calculations with a point-and-click interface
  • Accurate estimates to create winning bids
  • Seamless integration with other tools like Excel, PDFs and Google Maps


It is best for general contractors, subcontractors and other specialists.


Square Takeoff is a fairly priced cloud-based software with convenient integrations to help you save time and money.


Square Takeoff has a one-time subscription of $997 and an annual renewal of $399. It also offers a free 14-day trial.

Square Takeoff's software displayed on a tablet with a blueprint and menu bar on the right.

Pro Bid Drywall

Pro Bid drywall is a drywall estimation software application for desktops.


  • Easy to use with a user-friendly dashboard
  • Accurate material lists and an elaborate project bid
  • Available on Mac and Windows, iOS with Android versions coming soon
  • Various reports and a supplier quote system


Pro Bid is best for drywall contractors and gypsum material brokers.


Pro Bid Drywall is an easy-to-use software to help you create accurate material lists and detailed project bids.


The app modifies pricing to suit your project zip code.

A screenshot of a window in Pro Bid Drywall's software with drop-down menus to enter wall dimensions.


eTakeoff is a drywall estimating software suitable for residential construction.


  • High accuracy in your project bids
  • Easy computation of hours of work per project and the number of materials required
  • Easy to use platform 
  • Compatible with Excel and PDFs


eTakeoff is best for drywall contractors, general contractors, and estimators.


eTakeoff will integrate with your existing programs and is a software that gives fast and accurate estimates and takeoffs.


eTakeoff has three versions – Free, Advanced and Premier. The Advanced version costs a one-time $950 and an annual $190 for support and maintenance thereafter. The Premier version costs a one-time $1895 and an annual $380 for support and maintenance.

A screenshot of a website header with the title "trades" and imagery of an indoor construction site.

Field Groove

Field Groove is a drywall estimating software suitable for residential construction businesses.


  • Team management – oversee your employees, jobs, inventory, and equipment to improve your business efficiency
  • Accurate measurements – get accurate job measurements and material estimates irrespective of irregular surfaces
  • Centralize your daily operations –manage each project from lead to post-job reporting
  • Integration with other applications like QuickBooks, Twilio, Sage 300, etc.


Field Groove is best for drywall contractors. 


Field Groove gives you a central platform to host your business operations and improve your workflow with speedy job and material estimates.


Field Groove has a free trial period. Its subscription version has no restrictions on the number of users, estimates, jobs, etc.

A white laptop and tablet displaying Field Groove's dashboard with a map.


Manual calculation of drywall estimates is old-fashioned, time-consuming, and error-prone. Drywall estimating software will save your time, increase your accuracy, create winning bids and help you meet deadlines.

There are plenty of drywall estimating software currently available, but the list above gives you a comprehensive view of the best. You can check them one at a time to establish the most appropriate for your estimating needs.For the latest insights and information about drywall estimating software, sign up for our newsletter here!

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