7 Best Commercial Construction Lead Generation Services in 2022

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If you are in the commercial construction business, then you know that it is a highly competitive field. Many companies are vying for their share of the market, and this means that it can be tough to get new leads for your company. This is where commercial construction lead generation services come in handy.

Professional lead generation services have access to databases of potential customers who have already expressed an interest in your products or services. They can help you target those people who may be interested in what you have to offer and then reach out to them with a sales pitch tailored specifically for them. 

We’ve scoured the internet looking for the best places for commercial construction contractors like you to generate leads for their business. Here are the criteria we used:

Selection Guide

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All of the services below meet these standards:

  • Experience. The best way to gauge a company’s experience is to see what kind of clients they have previously worked with. 
  • Success rate. If they have been successful with a variety of different clients and industries, then it is likely that they will be able to provide you with high-quality leads that fit your needs.
  • Customer Service. It is important to work with a company that has strong customer service standards and provides excellent customer support before and after the sale. 
  • A professional sales team. The company should have professional sales representatives who are friendly and courteous when speaking with potential customers over the phone or via email correspondence so that they don’t turn off potential buyers. 

Here are the best commercial construction lead generation services:

Construct Connect

If you are looking for a construction lead generation firm that knows its craft well then you might want to check out Construct Connect. It merged with iSqFt to produce powerful software that helps commercial construction firms to maximize productivity during the pre-construction process. 


Construct Connect offers:

  • More accurate estimates
  • More project leads for your company
  • Improved construction bidding
  • Increased specification rates

Who’s it for?

Construct Connect is great for all commercial construction companies, general contractors, subcontractors, architects and designers.


The lowest package costs $1,600 a year and a full package costs $60,000. The price is based on the features you want and how many members will need their logins. Construct Connect also has a free demo that you can use to see how much you like the service!

This is a great tool that will make getting leads and eventually landing projects a breeze. 

Virtual Builders Exchange

Virtual Builders Exchange is the oldest and most trusted provider of lead generation services in the commercial industry. They have been providing construction lead services since the 1900s.


Virtual Builders Exchange (VBX) reports over 500,000 unique bidding opportunities every year. Other benefits include:

  • Bidding opportunities in multiple locations
  • Workforce development
  • Group purchasing opportunities
  • Networking
  • List of qualified contractors
  • Document management service
  • News about market conditions

Who’s it for?

Virtual Builders Exchange is for contractors, subcontractors, architects, engineers and construction company owners


Virtual Builders Exchange pricing comes in various packages starting from $60 (limited) to $325 per month where you get access to all bids, plans, specifications, addenda, RFQ’s and RFP’s with continuous updates. 

Anyone in the construction industry can use this great tool to build a network and land lucrative construction deals.


When you want to find a project before your competitor, Construct-A-Lead will send you leads straight to your email. You can sort out projects by cost, location and bid stage so you can land the project that you want.


  • Each project has contact details enabling you to connect with the client
  • Integrated marketing tools
  • Email alerts
  • You can compile and import selected projects to your CRM (one-touch download to Excel)

Who’s it for?

Construct-A-Lead helps manufacturers, suppliers, service providers and contractors gain information on large-scale projects.


Construct-A-Lead has several payment plans meant to suit your needs. There is a county, state, regional and national plan. The price starts from $995 for the county plan to $11,995 for the national plan with full access. You can book a demo or sign up for the free trial to see how it works.

This is an expensive tool, but it does come with the best return on investment. If you want a sure-fire tool for your construction business, then spending a little extra on this option will ensure you land lucrative deals.


ConstructionWire brings you hard-to-find private projects such as office buildings, retail, hotels, multi-family, etc. They also provide leads on the comprehensive scope of public sector projects. They focus on projects with a budget of over $500K.


  • Accurate leads on large construction projects
  • Location and contacts provided
  • Insight on project’s key decision-makers
  • The tool is easy to use
  • You can track activities on your projects
  • Free weekly training seminars to help you know how to use the tool and win projects
  • You can download project and contact details

Who’s it for?

ConstructionWire is useful for the whole construction community and its suppliers.


They have a monthly plan and a yearly plan that you can choose once you book a free trial.

This is a great tool that beginner and advanced users can use to land great construction projects, thanks to the free weekly training. 

The Blue Book Network

The Blue Book Network has an active network of people projects and products that any company looking for lead generation shouldn’t ignore.


  • Access to contacts for new leads and decision-makers
  • Has a Chrome extension
  • Access to industry trends

Who’s it for?

All those in the construction industry such as manufacturers and suppliers


The Blue Book Network has pricing packages from Basic to Enterprise. With starter and pro plans being $29 and $49, respectively. You can also customize your Enterprise package. 

Construction Monitor

Construction Monitor is another useful lead generation tool that helps you find construction projects and new leads using building permit data. 


  • Real-time leads
  • New company reports
  • Access to mailing labels for use when sending direct mails to the client’s mailbox
  • Details on the project’s site location, permit number, and the project value Power search tools for multiple searches


Sign up for a Construction Monitor free trial and get to choose a package that’s to your liking.

This is a great tool that enables you to make direct contact with decision-makers. Pitch your best ideas and land lucrative construction projects.

Plan Hub

Plan Hub helps you get more construction jobs faster and helps you connect with other construction professionals.


  • The tool has a centralized dashboard to make bidding fast and simple
  • You can connect with other users on the platform thus expanding your network
  • Has a calendar that helps you plan your bidding 

Who’s it for?

General contractors, subcontractors, construction managers and suppliers.


You can sign up as a contractor, subcontractor or supplier for free to access their affordable prices.

The brilliant integration of a calendar in this tool will help you know when you need to bid and when you will be free. You get to fill your calendar with project deals you have won.

Key Takeaway

In the construction industry, there are several ways to generate leads such as cold calling, direct mail and even SEO. However, not all lead generation methods are equal when it comes to ROI (return on investment). 

The right tools like the seven we have mentioned above will make landing projects easy.If you want to learn more about trends and construction insights to grow your business and all the buzz around the construction industry, subscribe to Construction Fanatics to get regular updates and news straight to your inbox.

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