10 Best Gifts for Carpenters

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We know exactly how hard it is to look for a gift for someone whose interest does not match yours or if you are unfamiliar with their field. 

The good part about buying a gift for a carpenter or a woodworker is that they are almost always in need of new materials and tools. 

In this article, we’ll run through the best gifts for carpenters, and guide you through the process of choosing the right gift for your friend.

What to consider in choosing the best gifts for carpenters?

Before you start looking for a carpenter gift, there are a few factors that will help you choose the best gift for the carpenter in your life.

Level of expertise

The first thing to consider is the carpenter’s experience level. 

You’ll want to buy different gifts for a friend who has been a professional for many years, versus a beginner who is just becoming interested in a new hobby. 


Has the carpenter in your life been carrying around a ratty old tape measure or using the same hammer they’ve had for 20 years? 

Think about whether one of their tools needs an upgrade, or if they’re just missing an essential item altogether.

The occasion

What’s the reason for this gift? Are you looking for a birthday, holiday, or a just-because present? The circumstances will influence what kind of item you choose. 

If it’s an anniversary, for example, you might want to go with something especially thoughtful, like materials to build something your spouse has been talking about making for years, which will show you’ve really been listening. 

For Christmas, you can consider going with a themed gift like a personalized carpenter-themed ornament.

Value for money

While you might be willing to buy something nice for the carpenter you know, you don’t want to overspend on an item that isn’t worth the money. 

Try to avoid products that charge an arm and a leg just for a brand name or a flashy (sometimes useless) gimmick. 

Gift giving can be a thoughtful gesture no matter the cost, and there are great options for every budget.

Our Top Picks: 10 Best Gifts for Carpenters

1. Zaktmark Carpenter Pencils

A pile of unsharpened green Zaktmark carpenter pencils.

When it comes to drawing up plans, measuring out where to cut, drill and chisel, or just making a note of supplies that are running low, these pencils are a carpenter’s best friend.

Carpenter’s pencils work on various surfaces and building materials such as lumber (painted, smooth, rough-sawn), concrete, brick, drywall and PVC pipe. It has dark lead, so the marking guides your friend makes will be easily visible.

Awesome Feature

One of the dilemmas of using pencils at work is that they often get lost. This pencil’s neon green color prevents it from getting lost since it’s easy to spot it in a pile of carpentry tools.


You won’t need to spend a thousand bucks just to gift your friend something that can be useful to them since a heavy-duty and reliable carpenter pencil costs less than $20.


Since the shape of a carpenter’s pencil is different to a regular pencil, sharpening it with a regular sharpener for rounded pencils is difficult. 

But no need to worry, since there are sharpeners designed for carpenter’s pencils, or the person you’re gifting it to can simply use a knife to sharpen it. 

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2. Dickies Men’s Relaxed Fit Duck Jeans

Carpenters jeans are no ordinary jeans. They are made tough to withstand extreme working conditions, but also comfortable so carpenters can work without their clothing holding them back. 

They also have multiple pockets and loops where your friend can carry or attach their tools. 

The back of a pair of Dickies Men's Relaxed Fit Duck Jeans in dark blue.

Awesome Features

Carpenters need to have constant access to their tools. That’s one reason these  jeans are a good choice. 

They have a hammer loop pocket on the left side and the right side you can find the tool pocket.


Carpenter Jeans are low-maintenance work attire that won’t need complicated cleaning. Your carpenter can toss them into the washing machine right after a long day of work, and they will not shrink. 


Sometimes the pocket openings aren’t wide enough.

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3. 3M Peltor Over-the-Head Earmuffs

Woodworking can get loud, and high-quality earmuffs are a great gift to help protect your friend’s ears. 3M Peltor over-the-head earmuffs are not noise-canceling earmuffs, but they can lower the intensity of the noise going on in the workplace.

Awesome Feature

If you’re looking for a bigger gift, you can pair these earmuffs with matching safety goggles. 


Available in a range of noise reduction ratings, from 22 decibels to 31 decibels. 


The option with the highest attenuation level is quite bulky, but style probably isn’t the priority here.

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4. CAT Steel-Toe Work Boot 

Proper protection is a head-to-toe job, so get your carpenter’s toes covered with some steel-toe boots. 

This famous construction brand makes a sturdy boot that will withstand the strain and stress of woodwork. 

The side of a brown and black CAT Steel-Toe Work Boot.

Awesome Feature

These work boots are not only designed for safety, but they add a stylish touch to your carpenter’s outfit. 


Good ankle protection and available in a choice of colors. 


One of the more expensive gifts on our list. 

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5. Woodworking Tools Funny Carpenter’s T-shirt

Some people aren’t easy to buy gifts for, but you’ll never go wrong with a T-shirt! 

T-shirts are versatile, and can be work to work or to a social event. T-shirts aren’t also high-maintenance: you can just throw them in the wash without needing any special detergent.

Awesome Features

A funny carpentry-themed T-shirt will definitely stir curiosity and become a conversation starter. The person wearing it may get to ask what they make or other things about their profession.


T-shirts are practical and can be paired well with other clothes such as shorts, pants and jeans. They can be used for work or to any casual occasion. 


Many people may think that a T-shirt may seem too basic to make a good gift. Add humor by buying a statement shirt.

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6. Carhartt Tool Roll

Every handyman or a woodworker needs to have the right tools with them to do the job, and this bag not only organizes their supplies but can make them easy to carry. 

Awesome Feature

As well as being a practical solution to transporting tools, this roll is made of durable and stylish duffle material which makes it a popular choice. 


Plenty of pockets for different tools, and rolls up to a convenient size. 


Doesn’t fit larger tools like hammers, and lacks secure pockets for nails and screws.

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7. Rak Magnetic Wristband

There’s nothing worse than dropping a nail when you’re up a ladder. Save your carpenter friend some headaches with this magnetic wristband, which can keep hold of nails, screws and even drill bits.

A wrist with a black magnetic wristband holding screws, nails, and washers with another wristband and its box in the background.

Awesome Feature

The wristband has a hook-and-loop closure, which means it can be adjusted to sit comfortably on any sized wrist. 


A clever solution to a universal problem.


Reviews mention that the magnet isn’t strong enough to hold tools like screwdrivers for long periods.

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8. Novelty Vintage Carpenter Mug

During breaks, carpenters love to drink coffee to relax, recoup their energy, and clear their mind for the next stage of their work. Coffee breaks are also a great opportunity to have conversations with other co-workers or family members. Complete the experience with a carpentry-themed mug.

A mug with imagery of various tools laying on a wooden table.

Awesome Features

This mug has a unique design that depicts traditional tools that carpenters use. It’s a perfect mug to match the recipient’s working place and profession.


Having your own mug on-site helps save confusion over whose coffee is who’s. Plus, with an object that they’ll use multiple times a day, your carpenter will remember you often.


The person that you are gifting to may need to be extra careful with this since it’s a ceramic mug. With all the activity of the workshop, there’s a risk it could break.

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9. Taunton’s Complete Guide to Woodworking 

If your friend is just starting out in the world of woodwork, this book can provide hints and tips to help them take their carpentry to the next level. 

Covering topics from choosing tools and sharpening them, through to joinery and finishing, it is a vault of knowledge without going too deep into any one topic.

Taunton's Complete Illustrated Guide to Woodworking with green and blue text and images of woodworking,

Awesome Feature

This book is a compilation of the best information from the full Taunton’s series, which makes it the perfect option for someone wanting a good overview of woodworking topics. 


The illustrated guide is easy to follow for even the most novice carpenters. 


More experienced carpenters may not need this kind of overview. One of the more specialized Taunton’s volumes might suit them better. 

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10. FeelMem Carpenter Keychain

A keychain will allow your carpenter friends or love ones to keep their essentials like car keys, multi-tool, flashlight and others in one place. 

Gifting keychains is a thoughtful idea that will remind them of you whenever they reach for their keys.

Awesome Features

These FeelMem keychains come with a positive affirmation engraved on the keychain, to inject some brightness into your carpenter’s day each time they read it. 

Made of stainless steel, it’s durable enough to survive the workshop. 


Keychains are a simple and inexpensive gift that are always useful, and this special version for carpenters shows you’re thinking of them.


Depending on the occasion, a keychain might be too small a present.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What do you get someone who loves woodwork?

Woodworkers usually enjoy receiving new and improved tools, but there are lots of other options too. Keep in mind that they need good-quality tool belts and clothing, and they might also get a kick out of a woodworking-themed gag gift. If they love this hobby but haven’t been spending much time making things lately, buy them a book full of projects to help inspire them!

What should I get my carpenter boyfriend?

Many carpenters work outside, so it might be sweet to give him a warm jacket or a nice thermos. Since it’s also quite a physical job, buying him a neck or back massager is a unique and romantic idea.

What to get a guy that likes tools?

Pay attention to the condition of his tools and replace something that looks worn out. If this is difficult, you can always go with tool accessories like a magnetic bit holder that attaches to his drill, or a nice toolbox or bag.

What to get a dad who loves woodworking?

You can help keep dad safe by getting him an ear protection headset. This will help to prevent hearing damage while using loud tools, and with new Bluetooth options, he can listen to music or take a call while wearing them. You could also go with a quality, reliable flashlight, which is an essential part of any woodworker’s toolkit.


Gifting doesn’t always have to involve overpriced socks or yet another calendar. Get a thoughtful gift for your favorite carpenter which will help them with their work or brighten their day. These gifting solutions will for sure make any woodworker happy!

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